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    Question glib error

    yesterday I unknowingly(I mean I didnt understand it was not really needed :/) compiled and installed glib2.27.92 while glib-2.26.1 was present and that made a big mess of my system.

    dpkg -r glib-2.27.92
    didn't work saying

    dpkg: warning: ignoring request to remove glib-2.27.92 which isn't installed.

    Lastly, I removed some of the files of the later version(2.27.92) and it is back to normal i.e. I have no problem for normal using. however, there are obvious traces of it throughout my system and pkg-config info files. I cant compile any source requiring glib coz glib-config can't be found. rather its confused with pkg-config telling that latest ver. of glib is 2.27.92 though 2.26.0 is also found

    I checked:

    pkg-config --libs "glib >= 2.6"
    pkg-config --exists glib
    both gives :

    sh: glib-config: not found
    sh: glib-config: not found
    sh: glib-config: not found
    is there a way around to get over this?

    thanks in advance for any help and suggestions.
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