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Thread: Server or Desktop on top of a Virtual Machine?

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    Server or Desktop on top of a Virtual Machine?

    Hi everyone,

    I have access to several unused Windows machine. Want to utilize their cpus.

    The plan is to install VirtualBox VM and then 64bit Ubuntu on top.
    I am trying to arrange "compute servers" --
    * a machine that will run my own code [scientific stuff I code]
    * need to access it from afar, via ssh, to start jobs and then process/collect data

    I wonder if the guest OS [the "compute server"] should be desktop or server version?
    - I have no need for a GUI in this setup, but are there some differences with the kernel? what are their implications?
    - do I need "virtual kernels", are these installed automatically, or what?

    I am experienced only with the standard desktop Ubuntu, which I use daily.

    Many thanks,

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    Re: Server or Desktop on top of a Virtual Machine?

    I haven't seen any real difference between the "virtual kernel" and the regular kernel.

    If you don't need a GUI and feel comfortable using something like SSH, I'd say install Ubuntu server.
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