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First of all thanks for your time write the tutorial..

I followed your tutorial carefully, seems my setup is working. I use gnus instead of slrn.
Great news . I will admit that I had thought this guide had been dead and buried for some time so good to hear that it has still proven useful.

Two nitpicks right now is, there is no inetd.conf on default ubuntu installation. first one has to install inetutils-inetd package.

second, no syslog.conf, So look for rsyslog.conf and rsyslog.d/ forlder.
Things have obviously changed a little since I last ran through this guide. I have to have a serious think about whether to update the guide or get the Forums moderators to mark it as officially outdated. I will admit to a few doubts as to how many Ubuntu users would find this guide useful.....

My question is, how to have full control on leafnode fetchings,
suppose, I want to have totally fetched group locally.
I dont want to news to be expired and deleted.( cheap memory after all). etc
I believe the global setting you are after is:
expire = 24800
in /etc/leafnode/config and this will keep all messages in all groups for 68 years. Have a look at groupexpire as well to manipulate settings for individual groups. BTW I maintain the Leafnode 2 package for Slackbuilds.org, you might be interested in using another patch that I have added in for Slackware users:


It can be added in the same manner as the gcc patch I have used in the Ubuntu guide.