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Thread: How to move /tmp into tmpfs?

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    How to move /tmp into tmpfs?


    I'm in the process of installing Ubuntu 10.04 (actually EasyPeasy) onto my Eeepc 900. I'm replacing the version of Arch I had before.

    In my previous setup I had moved my /tmp folder into RAM to reduce the number of writes to the disk. This was done with a line in my /etc/fstab like so:

    none                   /dev/shm      tmpfs     nodev,nosuid,size=256m        0      0
    none                   /tmp          tmpfs     defaults,size=256m  0      0
    Now I noticed that there are some tmpfs mounts out of the box on Ubuntu that don't appear in fstab, so what's the Ubuntu way to mount /tmp as tmpfs?
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