I have an annoying problem. I need to send my computer in to a repair shop due to a number of hardware issues. Currently I have Ubuntu installed but I live in India and so to make life easier, and to delete all personal data from the hard drive, I want to reformat the hard drive and install XP before handing it over.

The problem is that there is an issue with the keyboard. The 'e' key is permanently stuck and I have to press random keys to stop it. It is impossible to pause at the grub screen.

What I need to do is boot up from USB with the XP iso on it. However because Ubuntu is currently installed do I need to reformat the USB stick to something other than FAT? I mounted the XP iso using UNetbootin but at boot-up it did not recognise the XP OS. I formatted the USB stick with both FAT32 and ext2.

Your confused...