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Thread: Login won't let me enter my password

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    Login won't let me enter my password

    I had auto-login setup. I tried to disable keyring login by following instructions on a thread that I can't find now, go figure . I had to enable the login screen for it to work, as per instructions on the thread. Then I installed pam-something and added a line to the end of a file.

    Upon reboot I get to the login screen and my user name shows up, but there is no box to put my password in. I click on my user name and the login box bounces but doesn't give the password area. Same when I click on "Other".

    This is a weird error and I have no clue how to fix it. Any help is MUCH appreciated.


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    Re: Login won't let me enter my password

    Are you able to use the terminal? If you hit the arrow up key it should show your last few commands. Maybe you can undo that pam something?

    I had the keyring popping up on my systems, was a bug and I just left the password blank to stop it from popping up.

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    Re: Login won't let me enter my password

    Someone had a similar problem as me:

    I had to boot Linux in recovery mode (or at the normal login screen hit ctrl + alt + f1)

    Then navigate to ect/pam.d

    Then open "gdm" as root (sudo vim gdm)

    In the vim text editor I removed the last line which read:

    "@include common-pamkeyring"

    Saved it, rebooted now we're back to normal YEAH!!!

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