Good evening everyone,

I just realized my Home directory is on the same drive as my Ubuntu 10.04 OS. This isn't a problem, I've just noticed lately I'm starting to mess with things, like themes / configs etc and it probably won't be long before i bugger something up. Also when 11.04 comes out i shall be wanting to try that out OR install it in place of 10.04.
I'm currently Dual booting Windows XP SP2 and Ubuntu 10.04 for gaming purposes, so I'm thrashing two operating systems daily on this beast. I am unsure as what to do now, i have a 1TB hard drive in here along with my 250GB.
Should i move my home directory to my 1TB so that it is safe with no risk of operating system damage? or would a separate partition on my 250gb be of suffice?
This is by no means an emergency I'm just simply curious as to what others would do in this given situation?

Option 1: Move entire Home directory to 1TB Hard Drive
Option 2: Make separate partition on 250GB for Home Directory?

If option 2 what file system would you use?