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I have one more question if this thread is still alive. If I plug my printer into the wireless router (via ethernet cable) technically I should be able to access the printer from my ethernet connected desktop and wireless laptop (both running Ubuntu 10.10 64bit).

Currently, my wireless printer is connected directly to my desktop via usb. However, I want to make my wireless printer available to all computers in the house. I'm thinking that connecting my wireless printer to the router will all me to share the printer between computers? Does this sound correct? Also, would I need to uninstall the current driver or just run the setup again.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
The MG5200 has built in wireless networking. You can connect it to your wireless router through the settings in the printer's control panel / LCD screen. I'm not sure mine even has an ethernet port (it's 3 floors down and I'm too lazy to go look).

I've never used my MG5200 with any of my computers (Ubuntu 10.10 and Win7) other than over the wireless network. You may want to assign it a static IP. I did, not sure if letting it use DHCP could/would cause any issues.

I doubt that you'll need to uninstall the driver. For Ubuntu, just try System->Administration->Printing. Click the Add button. Expand the Network Printer option on the left and wait a few (1-10) seconds. It should refresh and show the Canon-MG5200-series_xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx. Select that printer, click Forward, it should search for and find the driver.