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Could this script be a solution for me?
Anyone want to help me with this?
It might it might not be, but i have been having the same problem as you since moving to maverick from lucid.

I just tried commenting out the nfs mount from /etc/mtab , then issued a forced unmount :

sed s/"$SERVER_NAME:"/"#$SERVER_NAME:"/g -i /etc/mtab
umount $SHARE_NAME -f
source : http://wikiri.upc.es/index.php/NFS_force_umount

After running code to that effect, i was able to click suspend from the gnome-panel session applet and actually have the computer suspend.

I suspect that according to the NFS docs we might need to have "hard,intr" in the options of the fstab.

meaning the client will continue to attempt access to the server if the server is not there. and will refuse all requests to die.

meaning that it will still attempt the behavior of hard, bu will instead honor any requests to die.

it's late and i'm about to fall over asleep, but i thought i'd document this here for you to find. maybe it's useful.