Ok so after about 18 hours non stop reading tutorials online I finally decided to post online for help.

Here is my situation:

I need to setup email service in ubuntu server edition that uses my gmail account to send email (actually I don't care how I send email as long as it goes to ANY external email account on the internet) all I need is to send email not recieve email.

The reason I need this is so I can create an perl script to send an email to my phone when someone connects to my VNC repeater.

I looked at hundreds of tutorials on how to setup CA certificate and how to relay emails etc.. NONE WORK!!!!

I'm new to Ubuntu, Ive been using it for 3 months now (even though I grew up on mac) and desperatly need help!

I setup everything else with no problem (vnc repeater, apache, ftp, bind) but I can't get mail to work

I've tried postfix,sendmail,qmail, etc probably 6 different mail servers with no avail.

Please Help and give me a noob tutorial (step by step) on how to send email!

Thanks in Advance!.
Phillip K

P.S. assume that my ISP does not supply me with SMTP server, if needed let me know how to Reverse all my changes that I have done to default. running ubuntu 10.10 server edition