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Thread: Creating a static cdrom automount point.

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    Creating a static cdrom automount point.

    I have an Ubuntu server running Samba and I would like to share out the cdrom drive to the network. I made a share of the /media directory and it seems to work fine when I insert USB drives and I am able to browse and work with files. However, when I insert a cdrom it automatically mounts to /media/<volume name> and I get a permission denied error when I attempt to access it over the network. I am assuming this is happening because the permissions do not include the execute bit and being a read only file system I can not change this. I made the directory /media/cdrom and manually mounted the cdrom to it and I can successfully access it over the network just like the USB drives. So my question is: Is there a way to make the cdrom automatically mount and unmount to /media/cdrom when I insert and eject disks instead of to /media/<volume name>? Or maybe just have the permissions automatically set so Samba users can open it instead of just see it.

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    Re: Creating a static cdrom automount point.

    I can't offer you a turnkey solution, but I may be able to point you in the right direction.

    There's a tutorial thread on how to run a script when a USB device is plugged in. One part of the thread describes a way to create a static entry in "/dev/" for a particular USB device. Assuming that the "udev" rules are what create your automount, you might be able to create a custom rule to do what you want when a CD is inserted into the drive.

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