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Thread: easy video switching on Meerkat Ion?

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    Question easy video switching on Meerkat Ion?

    My girlfriend connects her Meerkat Ion (model=ment2, nVidia graphics, running 10.10) to

    1. an older Sony monitor on her desk for doing real work, using a VGA cable. The Sony has only VGA input, and is nearly square (not widescreen). She likes it @ 1280x1024.
    2. a large, widescreen Samsung monitor for watching videos, using an HDMI cable. The Samsung supports several connectors (including RF, optical, RGB/component, HDMI, and VGA) with max resolution=1360x768.

    I'd like to know how to setup an easy way to either (in declining order of preference)

    1. switch between the monitors. When she wants to watch a movie, she sets output to go to the Samsung; when she's gotta work, she sends output to the Sony.
    2. enable both outputs (with different resolutions), "switching" by just turning off the monitor that's not in use.

    I have an old ThinkPad laptop with "ThinkVantage Presentation Director" that handles this usecase by allowing the user to define, and easily (notably, without restarting) switch between separate "profiles," which are collections of parameters, including

    • output direction: i.e. output to laptop monitor or external monitor (via VGA only) or both
    • resolution (same to all outputs)

    Is there a way to do something like that on the ment2? On Gnome I'm guessing I would use System>Administration>NVidia X Server Settings, but would appreciate guidance from someone who's already done this.
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    Re: easy video switching on Meerkat Ion?

    That would be the easiest way to either switch, or set both up at once. I'm not sure, but you shouldn't have to logout/login for a change to take effect.
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