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Thread: Installing Encrypted LVM freezes computer at POST

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    Exclamation Installing Encrypted LVM freezes computer at POST

    I installed Ubuntu Lucid on a Hewlett Packard HP pavilion 700 this morning using a method for encrypting all but the boot files as found here:

    Now, I start the computer and it hangs at the HP splash screen. I press F1 to get into the BIOS and it never gets there. I can't use a live CD of any distribution to get into the box to try to undo the changes to disk.

    I have performed the same encrypted install on 4 different computers now without trouble. When this first happened this morning, I was able to get into the BIOS once and the hard drive that I installed ubuntu on was not even detected. I thought there was a problem with the hard drive and I put a different hard drive in, installed Ubuntu again, and ended up with the same problem.

    Has anyone seen this happen? How can I rescue my system? Is this going to happen if I switch over to debian? How can I upgrade to Lucid and have system encryption on this box if this is going to happen???
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