I bought a magazine with an ubuntu 10 DVD and it installed flawlessly on my laptop which had both Windows and Linux on it.

Unlike FEDORA it didn't lock me out! (when upgrading Fedora it accepted my name and password and then installed forgetting my password).

I was even able to install ubuntu so it seized the Fedora partition. It sees my Windows partition and the partition configured to be shared by Windows and Linux for data.

The only screw up was mine. I left the 2 FAT partitions alone thinking they were Windows but I believe I installed the SWAP space on the DOS-Window Boot partition.


I have Windows presented as a selection in GRUB, (or whatever it is), but it fails to boot claiming a missing Boot item.

Can anyone suggest a remedy possible for an ignorant person like me?

By the way, ubuntu is amazing. Updates on installation, finding new packages is a breeze, found my network (efn/Quest) connection and even recognized my Mac airport.

It was painless. Even installed a driver to take advantage of my graphics card.