I have a Dell Studio 1555 Laptop with an ATI Radeon 4570 512mb card, and VGA + HDMI outputs. I currently have a monitor on my VGA port, and my HDMI is empty. I know that by default, the ATI card will not support a third display plugged into the HDMI port.

I have used the DisplayLink stuff in the past, about 7 or 8 months ago, with a 7" Lilliput display, and it was hell on earth trying to get that darn thing to work correctly in Ubuntu.

So, I need a third display. My intended use is to have a browser open for supplementary documentation while I'm working on my other two displays. Also I may use the third display for Skype chats, and as a less important and not critical function, to have a terminal open for odd jobs/tasks. My third display won't need access to my file system, necessarily, but it would be nice.

Has the support for DisplayLink improved in the last few months to where I can expect to plug it in and get it working in a reasonable amount of time (2 hrs or so)? I would likely be getting one of the DisplayLink adapters this time, and plugging in a full size monitor, not a 7" Lilliput.

Alternatively, and less appealing as an option, would I be better off just getting a $200 10" netbook, and then linking the systems with Synergy? I can probably get by with the reduced screen space, since I only need a display for chat and browsing, but I'd really like to get a real full size screen.

Does anyone have recent experience with the DisplayLink products on Ubuntu they could share?