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The only real complaint I have is that most of the time, when using Fn+F2 to turn WiFi on/off it hangs the system.
I can't promise you anything considering that the eeepc 7xx and the eeepc 9xx run on two different boards and processors, but in general most of these should work regardless (excepting the ralink WiFi perhaps) and are general purpose tweaks that would help out on most netbooks.

Your specific issue with the Fn+F2 sounds like an older issue that was seen back in the Karmic or Jaunty days cropping back up again, so I encourage you to make a bug report about it on launchpad.

How to solve it? Well the solution at that time was to install the latest version of eee-control that supported the hardware, perhaps this will help you now also? You can find eee-control here.

Let us know how you make out!