First and foremost I have been scouring the fourms trying to find the answer but have been unsuccessful.

OK so here is my sitauion. I have a 4gb SanDisk Cruzer that I am tying to install 10.10. I am currently using 10.10 as my system. I downloaded the iso and used the "usb creator" to make a start up disk. I have also used Unetbootin as well to try this and both have run into the exact same problem.

I get to the GUI install and get through the first few windows. I choose to set up my own partitions so I am able to select my flash drive. I select file system ext3, choose "/" for the boot sector and select the box to format the drive. After that I get to to "Who are you" screen where I set my username and password. The files start copying and everything seems to be going fine. The dialog says "ready when you are"; Unfortunately I am unable to continue. The forward button is still greyed out. It just comes to a dead halt after that. I even waited for a few mins to see if something popped up but to no avail. Can anyone point me in the right direction please.

If I create a startup disk on one flash drive am I also able to use it to install on the same drive? Or do I have to use a second flash(which I tried and still came to the same problem)