I'm brand new to the Linux community, only having briefly dabbled in Ubuntu a few years ago.
I recently acquired a Macbook Pro and a couple of months later bootcamped it to dual-boot Windows.
Later, with the help of a custom bootscreen called rEDIt, I triple-booted the Mac into Linux and Windows and Mac OS X.

Now, I've been running into a few issues and two nights of google-ing has left me rather stumped.
I remember coming across a website once that told me how I could restore OSX-like trackpad functionality in Linux, but I can't find it anymore. Is it possible?

I'm also experiencing random oddities while operating in Ubuntu. I'll be typing things, like this, and the mouse will randomly move or the screen will suddenly jump down. It could be that I am somehow hitting my too-sensitive trackpad, and I haven't yet looked into seeing how I could change the sensitivity.

While I'm on that, I also notice that I am unable to actually click without confusing Ubuntu into thinking I've clicked twice. I have to tap the trackpad to single-click. I'm sure there is a way to turn this off, right?

Ubuntu also doesn't seem to like my Internet, but I believe that may just be a 64-bit issue; but I'm not sure, seeing as I was over at a friends house the other day and it operated at full speeds with no problems. It may just be my router, but he uses the same encryption type as I do.

Also, I've been trying to look into restoring the function keys for Mac in Ubuntu, and I don't mean the actual function keys of a PC keyboard, I'm referring to the Backlit Keyboard Controls, and Brightness Controls etc. Volume seems to already work, but everything else is unresponsive.

Although, my most important issue with Ubuntu is one that I'm not sure if I should ask for help here...
I will anyway, since I'm here.
After triple-booting Ubuntu by following an online guide, I discovered that trying to boot into the Windows partition will actually boot me into Linux's Grub. Trying to boot Windows from there will lead to it telling me that it cannot boot because it could not read the boot data. I suppose this means that installing Ubuntu has "eaten" the windows 7 bootloader. I've tried using a repair disc, and it asks for a media source from which to repair from. Automatic repairs fail. What should I do?
[I can access the Windows 7 partition through a virtual machine. The VM boots fine using that partition as a base.]

I'm also having ridiculous amounts of trouble installing Flash Player, but that's only a minor issue.

Thanks in advance.