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Thread: mac on linux

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    mac on linux

    So if I wanted to still do mac stuff on a computer running ubuntu would it be more efficient to have a dual boot or to get an emulator such as mac-on-linux? It should also be noted that I have an ibook g4 with 512mb of RAM and 30gb on the hard drive, so the best use of limited resources is preferable.

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    Re: mac on linux

    mac on linux isn't your best option if you're planning on doing graphics or cpu-intensive things because it's basically an emulator and won't run high-end programs. if you can, try installing osx or ubuntu on an external firewire drive and booting off of that, otherwise go with a dual-boot.

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    Re: mac on linux

    Definately dual boot. I have a high end 2010 i7 MBP with 8gig ram and still run it dual boot. that way you can get thebest out of your system. I don't usually find myself needing to switch between apps on one of the OS's to the other quickly and if I decide I want to do something on one or the other it doesnt take long to restart and boot in another OP

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