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    Netatalk AppleVolumes.default

    I have installed Xubuntu onto my old Dell to make it a file server, bitorrent client, and time machine backup. I am having some problems with the other volumes showing up though, I have input
    ~/ "$h_$u Home Directory" options:upriv,usedots

    and I see it in my mac finder sidebar and it logs in ok and i can see the home
    directory. but I really dont know what to input to have my other usb hardrives
    show up. any help would be great thanks

    *Edit after messing around for a bit I found out what i was doing wrong.

    underneath the top line i input /media "$h_$u media" options: upriv,usedots

    and the media folder is now seen, in which all my external hdd's are located.
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