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Thread: Heroes of Newerth Linux Clan

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    Heroes of Newerth Linux Clan

    Heroes of Newerth, most linux gamers arleady know this game, some play, some dont like the game, many HATE the comunity of this game (with a very good reason)

    My goal is to make a HoN clan that would be not that serious, so we could do games only with clan member, maybe even on both side, so newbies could learn with respectfull people, and casual could be... casual, and the serious players could even go all out and give the clan some pride by the same time!

    Namewise, i'm not 100% decided as my initial idea's abreviation is taken, here is the list of name i had in mind

    ---Name list---

    -Linux Gaming Crew
    -United Linux Gamers
    -Keepers of the Tux

    you can suggest more name here and i'll edit.

    Let the haters hate alone, join me to bring a nice comunity inside such an awesome game developped by a compagny that give us all the love we ask since their first game

    Reply here and/or add me as friend in HoN, my account name is Pierrick584
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