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Thread: Help debugging apparmor profile

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    Help debugging apparmor profile


    I've been spending some time on this forum

    helping others, but now I found myself

    in need for some help.

    I want to confine transmission with an apparmor

    profile and for that I have used bodhi.zazens

    transmission profile to at least get started writing a profile.

    As I can see in the profile, I have read and write

    permissions to my "~/Downloads" folder. If I try to put

    the profile to enforce mode, I get a "permission denied"

    message when transmission try to access "~/Downloads".

    I kept a terminal open with "/var/log/messages" during the

    test run of transmission (in complain mode).

    Both the log and profile are included in the attachment.

    I would be very thankful if somebody could look at the log

    and see what needs to be added to the profile.

    I'm still learning apparmor, so if you could give

    some info why we add certain things to the profile it would be


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