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Thread: How to configure KDE4 text-to-speech suite

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    How to configure KDE4 text-to-speech suite

    After 5+ years of using Ubuntu, I am switching to it as my desktop. On my old FreeBSD desktop i was running KDE3; now I am runnung 10.04.1 and find that even tho things are more friendly with KDE4, one of the tools I use most,kttsmgr, no longer works like it did on my previous desktop.

    How can I configure kttsmgr to use festival (right now it says "espeak") and to present the dialogue that prints the strings beneath what is being read? --Note that I downloaded flite and eflite for testing purposes. Both fail. not a peep. I do have audio with songs and can listen to streams, but nothing from ktts*

    Can anybody clue me in?

    tia, guys.

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    Unhappy Re: How to configure KDE4 text-to-speech suite

    Hi, All!

    I'm quite new on Kubuntu and I've got the same problem, kttsd doesn't work at all.
    I've tried to install the following packages festival festival-freebsoft-utils festvox-ellpc11k kttsd and "kttsd-contrib-plugins" and here it is. On version 10 of Kubuntu doesn't exist the package "kttsd-contrib-plugins" and this is why you cannot find voices on kttsmgr.

    Anybody who knows where can we download "kttsd-contrib-plugins" from any repository, is welcomed.


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