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Thread: ITunes Replacement

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    ITunes Replacement


    Had a google around but not found any real convincing answers so was wondering what you good folks use as an iTunes replacement? Currently am transferring tracks onto the ipod with rhythmbox but am concerned that my itunes on the windows PC upstairs is now out of sync with the music on the ipod.

    What I really want to do is migrate my itunes collection to another bit of software that I can use to manage it going forward.

    I could not care less about itunes store, happy to buy them from amazon etc and import them in myself.

    Anybody got a real alternative or decent workaround to the dreadful itunes software?

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    Re: ITunes Replacement

    I've been searching for a long time. I love banshee as a program, but it's just unacceptable for me not to be able to sync my ipod. I'm currently running an old version (1.2) of songbird. It syncs my ipod and generally works alright. Only problem is I can't delete music off my drive from within songbird so my music collection is getting out of hand.

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    Re: ITunes Replacement

    Apple invented the concept of "syncing" to justify not letting you move tracks between different computers and devices. Most any Linux media player will let you just copy tracks to or from your iPod or other mp3 player. As for what one to use, it's a matter of preference. I like Banshee and Amarok.

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