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Thread: ubuntu won't recognize android phone

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    ubuntu won't recognize android phone

    hello everyone. i'm baffled as to why this is happening but when i connect my phone to my computer via usb cable and mount the usb drive on the phone (its an android galaxy s) i see nothing in Places or in lsusb. i am simply trying to move files between my phone and my computer. USB debugging mode is enabled. any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: ubuntu won't recognize android phone

    Silly Q. You mentioned having USB debugging enabled but after you connect the usb are you actually mounting as mass storage. I'm assuming you are but just so no one has to ask.

    I figure you are since even without mounting you should still be seeing the device in lsusb whenconnected. Also have you been able to connect before or have you never been able to see it?

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    Re: ubuntu won't recognize android phone

    I can't speak for the Galaxy S, but my Droid 2 can select which 'mode' by dragging the top info bar down after plugging it in. I couldn't see it in lsusb either until I selected USE Mass Storage.
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    Re: ubuntu won't recognize android phone

    There's another similar thread I just posted to where they mention that the android phone is an MTP device, you should probably install the package mtpfs and mtp-tools and possibly the package qlix (an mtp device manager application), maybe even gmtp (a gui to access mtp devices).

    If I'm right the package mtpfs should let you access the device from nautilus and many other file managers. If not then you should still be able to access it using either qlix or gmtp.

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