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    Quote Originally Posted by arbrandes View Post
    Hi gravufo!

    What the g210m module does is simply run the acpi_call command automatically at boot (and at resume from suspend). If you're getting 19000 mW after rebooting, this could mean a couple of things:

    1) The module isn't being loaded: run "lsmod | grep g210" and see if it's there. If it isn't, check your /etc/modules file and see if "nvidia_g210m_acpi" is at the end.

    2) The kernel wasn't patched with a custom DSDT, which is required for the U43JC.

    It doesn't matter if you have a g310m, by the way (which is what I have).

    Will look into the jupiter-support-eee, thing. Maybe it was renamed?
    Hey arbrandes!

    Thanks for the explanation

    1) the module is loaded, i also did a lsmod | grep acpi_call

    2) is there a way to check if the custom DSDT is loaded or what?

    I rechecked the usage and it was around 18000 mW. Sometimes it touches 17500 mW but it doesn't stay there more than a few seconds!

    Thanks a lot for the help

    EDIT: Tested again and I get 16000mW with screen off (FN-F7), and with wifi off + screen off I get 15885mW! A bit better, but still not near 13000mW.

    BTW, what is the usual battery life on linux/ubuntu you get on a full charge since you have used the fix/hack?
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