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    Re: Macbook Pro 8,1 + Maverick

    Got the wifi to work with ndiswrapper at least, submitting this post with it. I used the attached driver with ndiswrapper and on natty had to modify ndiswrapper itself to compile against the 2.6.38 kernel but you shouldn't have to worry about that in maverick.

    Sorry about the double compression but I needed to use 7z to get it small enough to attach and gz to get a file format the forum would allow. file-roller should open it without problems although you may need to install the p7zip package first.

    Edit: Since the wiki links to this post I thought I should update it with the current status. It seems for many people installing this driving and loading the ndiswrapper module causes the kernel to hang which can even cause the computer to fail to boot due to it loading the module on boot. When it does load correctly it appears to end up causing the internal keyboard and mouse to stop responding after a short time. I would advise using this as a last resort if you cannot use ethernet or some kind of USB networking (tethering, wifi dongle, etc).
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