sorry i don't know where else to turn with this. trying to set-up again with limited resources and a windows system found an infected file. maybe it's most relevant to all yous here..

when i just went to get unetbootin for windows there were two download sites, sourceforge and launchpad. now understand i trust launchpad over sourceforge, no particular reason, just sticking by a community i guess, so i would have gone right ahead, but avg quarantined it. the launchpad file is unetbootin-windows-502.exe (4.5mb) and the sourceforge file is unetbootin-windows-494.exe (4.3mb). the sourceforge 494 file is not suspected but it's older and i guess i just want to know which ones other users and the developers stand by.

are the sourceforge and launchpad files maintained by the same team? where should viruses be reported? sorry if the exclamation icon was inappropriate but i believe it is a virus alert.