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    Question on Re: Browse the internet over SSH


    I have the following problem for which I would appreciate any help. The goal is to run Sage ( server without running a webserver.

    What I am doing right now is I log into a server via SSH ('ssh -D9999 server.ip'), and run sage in that server. However, I would like to be able to use Sage's web interface, normally just need to run 'sage -n' and open http://localhost:8000. But, no surprise, this address opens the local computer localhost, and not the server computer localhost, regardless of the fact that socks is configured to browse the internet via port 9999 (effectively I am browsing the internet using the server ip, I checked using

    Thanks for reading it,

    UPDATE: well, I was able to solve my problem with further reading. What I needed was port-forwarding directly and not dynamic port forwarding, this link was helpful, basically solution is

    ssh -L 8888:localhost:8000 user@server
    and open your browser to localhost:8888 no need to configure socks/proxy on your server.
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