Hi all.

I am trying to play Minecraft, found here:

When I try to play Minecraft Classic, I get a black screen and nothing else. No error messages, nothing.

On the off-chance that this is a Java issue, I went to the Sun Java site and tried to verify what version I have. They say I have Java 1.6.20, and that the latest version is 1.6.24.

I tried installing the bin package, but when I verify I have the new version, it tells me I have 1.6.20.

Okay, (I tell myself) maybe it's a problem with the web browser, since the Classic version uses a web browser to connect to the game. I restarted Firefox. Verify still tells me the new version isn't in place.

Okay, (I tell myself) maybe I need to reboot. So I did that, but the Verify still tells me I have the old version.

I don't know what to do. Would someone please tell me what to do (other than go back to Windows, which apparently works perfectly) ?