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I have now xfw.pl found by mpxfoil.m
and I have added xfoil path to matlab so that xfw.pl finds it.
That is working as mpxfoil opens an xfoil window ( would be great to avoid that, by the way..)

But I get the following message:

>> mpxfoil('6312', 3000000, 0, 500, 0)
XFOIL error: process ended prematurely at xfw.pl line 98

Warning: File '/tmp/tpdf8119d4_c602_49f1_8ba4_10b757937def' not found.
> In mpxfoil at 147

ans =


Line 98, is the following one:


Any clue ?


Whoa - I never saw this post. Sorry I didn't help out sooner! I feel bad.

Looks like you're trying to use an alfa_start of 500 deg?? I can't blame XFOIL for crashing out (which it looks like happened).