After leading myself down numerous dark alleys.

The stock install of LibreOffice works fine, unless of course your screen resolution is less than 1024x768.

Which, of course, seems extremely odd if you ask me. Ubuntu is installed on many netbooks, and yet, a key application, simply won't work on it, resolution tends to be (1024x576).

I think it's really important, that the resolution limitation is resolved as soon as possible, and certainly before LO replaces OO3.2 as the default install.

OO 3.2, has no such issues with regards to resolution on netbooks.

I can confirm, OO 3.3, exhibits the same behavior as LO 3.3.

The worst I've come across so far, is when using base, I didn't really get past that, as Base is what I use most.

To illustrate the issue

Create a new base file
Create a simple table in base, using the embedded Hsqldb
Use the wizard to create a form, the 1 I created, had 2 text boxes, and 1 check box per record in the table

Attempt to edit the data in either the text box, or click the in the check box causes OO and LO to crash, when in use on a netbook, I've tried this on 2 separate netbooks, from different manufactures, with different processors, and exactly the same happens on both.

Copy the very same file to a laptop, or pc running at 1024x768 resolution, or above, and the forms work perfectly