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Thread: Ahtec vs System Pointers

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    Ahtec vs System Pointers


    I want to buy a new laptop, I prefer one without windows preinstalled.

    I have found two producers of laptops w/o OS: Ahtec and System Pointers. They seem to make the same models but there is a big difference in price.

    If you look at the System Pointers pricelist, you can see that the M771K is the same as the Ahtec Sense CM771K. See go to producten -> laptop op maat -> 17" -> CM771K and check the configurator. The site is half dutch, some parts spanish and the rest English. But the technical words are the same anyway.

    As you can see, the basic Ahtec costs €499 + €10 transport while the one from System Pointers is €645.

    I googled Ahtec and it seems that all Ahtec users are happy with the computer they bought. Ahtec doesn't have a lot of distributors here in Belgium and is more like a webshop, but System Pointers has a lot of distributors.

    What do you guys think? Do you understand the difference in price?

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    Talking Re: Ahtec vs System Pointers

    I bought an Ahtec CE7130M with the following specs:

    17" screen
    intel i3 processor with integrated graphical card
    4GB DDR3 RAM
    320GB HDD

    It costed €602 + €15 transport, TAV included.

    WhenI got it, it was about 4.10 PM and 4.50 PM I lready had ubunutu installed and everything set up. I didn't find one problem.

    I'm now using it for a two days and it gives a very solid impression. My previous computer was a toshiba and on that one, the keyboard bended when I was typing too hard. maybe the only problem is that the touchpad isn't right under the spacebar (but centered on the computer). when typing, I sometimes touch the touchpad. the keyboard has a button to disable the touchpad, but I'm too lazy to use it.

    One thing that I didn't test is if HDMI works. I don't have a cable for it.

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