so i've updated to the newest flash (10.2) with GPU-Acceleration and am henceforth able to play even videos with a hd-resultion of 1080p (this video), while my cpu usage doesn't exceed 50%.
I have just followed your howto and in the process enabled GPU in Preferences->Input/Codecs->Use GPU Acceleration.
Yet, when I download that same Video and play it in VLC it doesn't work at all (cpu at 100%, a new frame every 10-20 seconds). I guess thats because it's in that flv-container.
But even if I download an mp4/h264-Video in 1080p it has occasional stutters and cpu on average between 85 and 95%.
How is it that flash works so much better, when before 10.2 I couldn't even play 480p-Videos flawlessly? Anyway to improve vlc-performance?