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Thread: Shred command issues.

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    Shred command issues.


    I am having a shred issue. I hope you someone can help. I am using Ubuntu 10.10 and I am trying to shred a drive connected to a Thermaltake BlackX cradle. It is connected using USB. I have shred'ed multiple drives using the same method. With success. This is the only drive giving me problems. I started off using the command: [sudo shred -vfz -n 7 /dev/sdb1] which worked for 2 passes and the returned: [shred: /dev/sdb: fdatasync failed: Input/output error] I have umounted the drive and retried several times. The drive will now do zero passes and returns the same error. I also tried the [sudo shred -n1 /dev/sdb1] which seemed to start working for about 20-25 minutes and then it returns the same error.
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    Re: Shred command issues.

    It's Feb 2011 and it happened to me too.

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    Re: Shred command issues.

    Quote Originally Posted by physicsparadox View Post
    It's Feb 2011 and it happened to me too.
    What has happened to you? If you need some help, please post details.

    Reading the OP's post, I would think that in their case the most likely explanation is it's not shred failing, but the drive.
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