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Thread: Setting up VPN on mythbuntu 10.04

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    Setting up VPN on mythbuntu 10.04

    I've been using Mythbuntu 10.04 64bit on my system for a while and have it nicely setup (so I don't really want to have to upgrade to 10.10). I'm trying to setup a VPN to work using NetworkManager and it's not working.

    I can create the VPN connection but when I click on the VPN connection I've made it doesn't connect.

    I get the following error:
    Feb 8 13:22:45 mythserver-desktop NetworkManager: <WARN> nm_vpn_connection_connect_cb(): VPN connection 'office' failed to connect: 'No VPN secrets!'.

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    Re: Setting up VPN on mythbuntu 10.04

    Quote Originally Posted by map7 View Post
    'No VPN secrets!'.
    Looks like your certificates or passwords, or whatever you are using to authenticate, is not set up right.

    PS, googling
    ubuntu "no vpn secrets"
    leads to a lot of supposed solutions, you should try it!

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