Disclaimer: I asked Frodon for permission to post his pm and though he hasn't answered, nocturn gave me the go ahead, I assume after being in contact with frodon.

What happened:
Frodon was taking part in a thread in ubuntu cafe which discusses why some distros choose Gnome, though KDE seems to be more popular.

Frodon gave the following explanation:
A good explanation is GTK, for several years yet the linux developpers prefer use GTK libraries than QT and therefore most of the recent/active projects are design with GTK and that's why a default desktop environment with GNOME has been choosen by several big distros i think.
I disagreed with this assessment:
I doubt that's the case, looking at the apps available for GTK and those available for QT.
To which Frodon replied:
But it is, i talked about recent/active projects, KDE has started before GNOME and was more used at the beginning therefore there are more apps for KDE, but look at all the recents projects, you will see by yourself (firefox for example).
I took the liberty to disagree again:
I was also talking about recent projects. Take a look at kde-apps.org, it's worth it.

And firefox does not really use gtk, so it's a rather bad example.
As a reply I did not get an other post, nor a nice pm, but the following:
About your post : http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php...61&postcount=9

Please keep on topic, we are not there to say who is true, we don't care.
The original poster asked to users what in their opinion made some big distros choose GNOME instead of KDE despites that KDE is more used, so please don't troll his thread with some argumentations (good or not again we don't care) which are far from the topic which is not QT Vs GNOME.

I hope you understand what i mean.
I think the problems with frodon's behavior are clear to see:
First off, it really smacks of a moderator abusing his power simply because he can't take someone disagreeing with him. This surely shouldn't be acceptable and even if this wasn't the intention, moderators should take care that people don't even get the impression.

Second, accusing me of trolling, though all I did was answering his comments on the very topic of his comments, is simply insulting and I really feel he should apologize for this.

Finally, to make myself really clear (at least I try, I'm not a native speaker).
If he feels that GTK and QT should not be discussed, he shouldn't have brought it up in the first place.
If he got the impression that the thread was being taken off topic (though it's in ubuntu cafe and I get the impression mods don't very often try to keep threads from going off topic there) he could have either said so in the thread, or he could have send me a nice, polite pm, telling me that he got the impression that we were taking the thread off topic and that we should simply agree to disagree, or something similar.