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Thread: NetworkManager 0.8.1 refuses to connect to Network extender

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    NetworkManager 0.8.1 refuses to connect to Network extender

    Ubuntu 10.10, NetworkManager 0.8.1 - PackardBell EasyNote laptop connecting via WiFi to an Orange Livebox 2.

    I also use an Extender (Homeplug in English) it connects using the electric wiring in the house; Ethernet cable connects the Orange Livebox to the first extender which is plugged into the electric, then a second extender is plugged in to the electric elsewhere in the house and provides a WiFi signal in places where the Orange Livebox WiFi signal is weak.

    My AcerAspireOne using Linpus picks up the Orange WiFI signal and also the Extender signal - and works using whichever signal I choose - no problem.

    The problem is my PackardBell using Ubuntu 10.10 picks up the Orange Livebox WiFi and works fine; but although NetworkManager sees the Extender signal, it will not connect! Every time I select the extender to connect to in NetworkManager it tries, fails after a minute or so, then says the "Livebox is disconnected - you are offline" and immediately re-connects to the Livebox.
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