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Thread: conneting 2 ubuntu computers EASILY!!!!

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    conneting 2 ubuntu computers EASILY!!!!

    If there is a complicated answer to this question, don't answer -

    Is there a way for me to access one ubuntu machine to another ubuntu machine - no samba no ssh no command lines no other BS - ie going to my files/folders in netbook 10.04 or places in desktop 10.04 and locating my other machine ???
    if this is not possible is there a simple way to share files with out error messages from personal file sharing.
    This seems to be a common issue from what I have learned from my searching and at this point I am amazed that there is not an easy way to connect two computers on ubuntu. UBUNTU IS (as i understand the term)ALL ABOUT SHARING OPEN SOURCE NOT ABOUT MAKING IT HARD TO SHARE.
    I have nothing to hide and just want my two computers to make love - not avoid each other.

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    Re: conneting 2 ubuntu computers EASILY!!!!

    you can right-click -> Properties on any folder and under Share tab choose to share it.

    accessing that folder from another computer is a mystery to me

    it should appear in Places -> Network, but it doesnt...

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    Re: conneting 2 ubuntu computers EASILY!!!!

    I just started searching for how to do this today. I'd like to know, too. I tried a few things after searching the forums and online, no luck.

    "Giver" looked good, too bad it failed to work at all. One computer could see the other and one couldn't. Useless to me, and no documentation or options that I could find.

    Samba is looking like overkill to just share some files occasionally. Plus, I'm new to Ubuntu and I don't want to go poking holes in my install when I don't understand how.

    I'm with imercury here, I am willing to read and make some effort, but I'm not going to spend the next several days configuring and setting up some service, and hoping I didn't screw up my security. It's still faster for me to copy to a USB drive and move things that way. That's the old method, I'd like a new easier method.

    I have two laptops that use Ethernet and wifi, both current, updated 10.10, and I'd like to set up a very simple, easy way to occasionally send folders back and forth.

    Can anyone recommend a GUI program or easy to follow how-to to accomplish this?


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