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Thread: Making A Live USB Ubuntu on Mac

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    Making A Live USB Ubuntu on Mac

    Hi all,

    I am writing in order to find information on making a Live USB with Ubuntu with a Mac.
    I have a laptop that Im going to install Ubuntu but I cannot use it to make the Live USB for various reasons.

    In the past, I used on my laptop the "Unetbootin" software to make a Ubuntu Live USB and it did worked well. Now, I just realized that Unetbootin can only be used with Linux or Windows so I would really appreciate if someone could provide information and maybe name a software that could be useful to me to do this task.

    Looking forward hearing some ideas.


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    Re: Making A Live USB Ubuntu on Mac

    I tried exactly this, trying everything even using UNetBootin on Windows and trying the Live USB on Mac without success (it wouldn't recognise the USB as a a startup device/disc, nor when I pressed Alt at start up. I ended up having to get a DVD disc and burning Ubuntu ISO on that to install on my Mac. I'd wait, though, incase anyone else knows how you can get this done .

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    Re: Making A Live USB Ubuntu on Mac

    This -> is probably what your looking for.

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