I wondered if anyone can help me... My overall aim is to be able to share mounted CD images over the network to Windows clients.

I've been generally following instructions from two tutorials but have also searched google and the forums:


Now I'm behind a corporate firewall so can't use the Software Center to install packages but have installed the following:
Samba - http://packages.ubuntu.com/maverick/samba
WinBind - http://packages.ubuntu.com/maverick/winbind
ISO Master - As a GUI for creating images
GMount - As a Gui for mounting the images

Basically I can mount the images. I can share the folder containg all the mounted images using the GUI (right click > Sharing Options) or write some lines in the smb.conf file.

From the Windows clients I can see the share with the mounted images and I can list the files at the top level of the mounted images but I can access any of the files or folders.

Another wierd thing is I can't attempt to run the Setup.exe locally on the Ubuntu machine, it just says Permission Denied.

I'm sure its got something to do with the images being mounted as root.
So my question is can you mount an image as 9660 without it being 'owned' by root?

is there another way to share mounted images?

or am I missing something in what I'm trying to do?

Massive Thanks