I have been using mostly Ardour, Hydrogen and ZynSynth. I make the beats and melodies with Hydrogen and ZynSynth and link them to Ardour. I then record with Ardour and then just copy-paste the tracks as loops.
I found that this workflow is not so productive. If I want to change the instrument it's not possible as the audio is recorded as is. Would be cool if ardour would record the MIDI input instead but then there's again the thing that you can't save the whole project in one piece.
I tried LMMS(what a terrible name) but found it too buggy and unfinished. Plus some of the graphics(bg) look a bit irritating to the eye.

Do you think Ardour can be used for electronic composing?
I was wondering what workflow and which tools other people use..
Bare in mind that I try to use Linux natively programs so wine is a NO. Also opensource tag is a must.