I did a new installation "from scratch" of Mythbuntu 10.10 and now face the issue that one of my diskless frontends won't no longer boot.
As part of the PXE boot process, I first get a message that the IP-address has been assigned by the DHCP-server as expected but then an error shows up telling me that the size of the image to be loaded is too big.

I compared the image sizes from my previous 9.10 installation with that from 10.10 and realized that the i386.img in /opt/ltsp/ now has approx. 950MB of size, whereas the image in 9.10 was only about 200MB.

My frontend has 1GB of main memory and unfortunately cannot be upgraded as all banks are already full...

How can I reduce the image size, then? I tried the usual "chroot" and uninstalled quite some packages; however, the size is not shrinking enough. I also uninstalled mythtv (and planned to reinstall it afterwards to be placed in the overlay-section) but the size still is 680MB and I do not see what else I should uninstall.

Any help is appreciated. I am also investigating on whether I should use MiniMyth instead, since this will still work -according to the documentation- with only 512MB and shoudl work with 1GB as well...

Thanks for your help