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    Re: Conky Exaile Python Script

    D-Feet is how I hunted it down. kaivalagi advised me to install it earlier

    At least for me, when I use GetTrackAttr("filename") I get an empty string back on 3.3.0 and a None on 3.2.0, but using GetTrackAttr("__loc") I get the full file path as a URI on both. Perhaps I'm not using it properly? I have zero experience with DBus.

    I've hacked something together to grab JPGs from the folders which works some of the time for 3.2.0. I'll upload it if you like but it's ugly and hackish. I made it return a blank transparent PNG if everything fails so I at least don't get the last album's coverart.

    On the other hand, it works pretty much perfectly out of the box for me when I use 3.3.0 so I may be missing the whole issue.

    I found __loc in trax/ under __register() and decided to try it out in DFeet.
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