Hi there got a new Toshiba Satellite C660-119, very good laptop I might point out. It came with Win 7 and that's all good and dandy but I love Ubuntu. I have set-up and maintained a Ubuntu server for quite some time and also have it dual boot with win 7 on my Desktop machine so that's what I did with the laptop.

All is working well but most of the Fn functions do not work including the WiFi on or off toggle. This is a massive issue because this laptop has no hardware WiFi switch and I can't figure for the life of me how to switch it on through the software. I used Ndiswrapper to install the winXP drivers for the WiFi which is a Realtek 8187B.

I had a look under /etc/acpi/events and found tosh-wireless which I took a look at but couldn't figure out which key combination it wanted me to press. acpi_listen didn't work and xev didn't give me the keycodes I needed. The Fn keys that work are the one to disable the trackpad, the hibernate, lock screen, brightness adjust DOES NOT work.

Ndiswrapper-GTK reported the Hardware to be present but my understanding is it is not turned on.
I am currently installing 10.10 to see if that will solve anything.

Any ideas?
OS: Ubuntu 10.04