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Thread: MPlayer with ffh264vdpau + subtitle = terrible performance

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    Lag when loading a subtitle from an MPlayer front-end, all fine when running from cli

    I have just noticed something weird. When playing a h264 movie in MPlayer using ffh264vdpau (hardware accelerated), everything works fine until I try loading an external subtitle (.srt in my case). At that point memory usage goes through the roof and the video starts lagging severely. CPU usage is still very low.

    Can someone please confirm this? I'd be very, very, grateful.

    You can try with this trailer for The Bourne Ultimatum and this subtitle (for How to train your dragon). Those two together, played with ffh264vdpau bring my computer to a crawl.

    This discussion originated here but evolved into a different subject completely, hence a new thread.
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