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Thread: Magic Dvd Copier dvd not seen in ubuntu

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    Magic Dvd Copier dvd not seen in ubuntu

    I have a legal copy of Magic Dvd Copier which will run under windows xp and I want to run it under Ubuntu/wine.
    I managed to install the program and put in the registration codes ok etc and the program said it was running ok.
    When I copied in my dvd it made a copy of it as normal but then could not burn the copy to a new dvd. It will not see any dvd or burner on my computer. The program reports an error: DDE failure

    This is not an ordinary dvd copier program but one which will convert a video_rm to a video_ts which is the normal format for a video disk. If you use a standalone burner to copy tv programs such as TCM or any of the movie channels you will find that the burner will only make you a vr mode dvd and not the normal dvd video. You will find further that it is impossible to make a copy of that disk by any other means other than Magic Dvd Copier, as far as I know.

    So I need this to make copies of my vr mode videos. The program does not see the dvd drive on the computer although I am easily able to burn a dvd using brasero.
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