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Thread: Multicast RPT Loopback

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    Question Multicast RPT Loopback

    I tried searching around first, but I couldn't find any threads with an answer to this problem.

    I've got the Multicast RPT server with loopback to local speakers working on my machine... almost.

    The one problem is that when I start feeding a thread to the Multicast -- for example, music from Banshee -- the audio speeds up and slows down, the pitch changes, and the sound stutters. This happens about 1 second after I start sending the audio to RTP Multicast.

    RTP is not so useful to me if it can only deliver distorted sound. Can anyone help me eliminate this speed glitch, or figure out why it is happening?

    Thank you.

    Upon testing with another PC, the audio glitch is only on my end -- the loopback. The RTP seems to be sending audio with no problem.
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