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Thread: Elantech touchpad improperly recognized as “ImPS/2 Logitech Wheel Mouse”

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    Re: Elantech touchpad improperly recognized as “ImPS/2 Logitech Wheel Mouse”

    As promised by ALLurGroceries, the Dell mini 10 touchpad is indeed recognized in Maveric. I had to add
    synclient AreaBottomEdge=700 AreaLeftEdge=25 AreaRightEdge=1125 MinSpeed=0.3 AccelFactor=0.58 to startup commands to make the buttons usable. I've also tried adding the following to xorg.conf, but the settings are ignored. Anyone knows why?
    Section "InputDevice"
            Identifier      "Elantech Touchpad"
            Driver          "synaptics"
            Option          "Device"                "/dev/input/mouse0"
            Option          "Protocol"              "auto-dev"
            Option          "AreaBottomEdge"        "700"
            Option          "AreaLeftEdge"          "25"
            Option          "AreaRightEdge"         "1125"
    I've not the slightest idea how to add it as a udev rule.

    Syndaemon can now be used to disable touchpad when typing. The default timeout is 0.5 seconds, and there seems to be no straight forward way to change it, or at least I couldn't find it. You have to kill the daemon and then relaunch with your own timeout, 'syndaemon -i 1 -k' in my case.
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