I bought a Dell Mini 910 off ebay and it had alot of issues, so I decided to try to see if I could fix it ( I have No experience doing anything like this) - so I bought a hard drive and replaced it, then I got a USB and figured out how to get Ubuntu on there and eventually got it on this netbook.
Now, I cannot get it to pick up the wireless connection in the house. I used the Ethernet cable and got online that way but as soon as I unplug it it goes off line.
After reading some things online about this I went to the black screen and put in some codes that basically seemed to lead me to a prompt that stated it was 'disabled'
Now I am wondering, because this originally had Windows xp and now has Ubuntu is there no way to get this to be wireless?
When I right click on the signal it says everything is enabled but something deeper in there that has to do with the wireless part seems to be 'disabled' and I cannot figure this out.
Will I have to somehow go back to Windows?